For Girls Only: very 2007

What's hot today

Girls! Welcome to the world of personal shopping! No matter what your size and lifestyle is, there is a trend out there that will compliment your style and update your wardrobe. Don’t think that you have to spend lots to get that look that everyone aspires to. Just a couple of key pieces and you’re ready!

When you go out shopping look out for the following ‘hot’ items:
– anything white-gold
– bright and short for night
– metalics (a pair of pumps, a bag, a belt, a scarf)
– wide-leg jeans (yes, skinny will be out soon. Phew!)
– flowers and flower patterns
– lemon yellow paired with grey/black/white
– a slouchy embelished hobo (the Chanel one is awfully cute)
– flaunt fetish shoes
– short leather top / jacket
– mensware


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