Girls Only! Eye-Candy Accessories

What's hot today

Well, yes we all love some eye-candy and the new hot designer accessories and the place to get it. No worries, knock-offs are everywhere around us and if you like something from this list, just drop us a line and we will direct you to the ‘sourse’.

What I love this season in shoes, bags, and a little bit of this and a little bit of that:

  • Pierre Hardy platforms (and they are comfortable too)
  • Cristian Louboutin flats (yes they make flats too, for those of us that live in a city and have to walk everywhere)
  • Green bag and beach bag by Balenciaga (I want both…)
  • Prada sandals (if we can’t afford the dress, we’ll buy one from H&M and pair it with a fav pair of those)
  • Chanel yellow clutches (oh! lala!)
  • Bottega Veneta pink bag (it will look fab with a white or a flowery dress)
  • Diane Fon Fustenberg beachwear (for those lazy afternoon at the Hamptons or elsewhere..)
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