They met – they talked – what happened: Museum of the City of New York, 2/13/07 at 2.00 p.m.

Fashion & the Arts

Laird Borrelli, Jason Palmer of, Clair Watson, Dana Palzkill, Robert Bryan, fashion journalist (former fashion menswear director of the NY Times), and Eric Javits all met for a round-table discussion at the Museum of the City of New York on Jan. 13, 2007. What they talked about? Hangbags of course.

The panel was open to the visitors of the Museum and we learnt alot from the ‘hangbag’ experts. A few topics and ideas that went around the table and we all agreed with are:
– Everybody is making an ‘It’ bag these days, and everybody wants to be part of an ‘elite club’. That creates long waiting lists, people are spending their monthly wages for the ‘It’ bag of the moment. It is possible that we are ready for something new.
– The bag has become the focal point of an outfit and over time bags got names. This doesn’t happen with other accessories (yet, may I add?)
– The ‘It’ bag has become a necessity not only for the consumer, but mainly for the fashion houses.
But, what makes a bag, an “It’ bag?
– Individuality
– Authenticity
– Uniqueness
– Great design, great detailing
– It is a viable product (which means, alot of celebrities carry them and get on the waiting list, and other smaller firms copy the whole of part or the design).
– Beauty

So, where is the market going now?
– People have started getting designer bags with their initials on them
– Increase and development of the middle of the range market ($200-$500)
– Craftmanship design is searched by the educated consumer
– Interest in exotic skins like aligator, snake etc. (oh dear!)
– A bag should combine 3 qualities: function – quality – style.

That’s all folks. Happy handbag shopping!


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