What to keep and what to lose?

You ask. We answer.

This is a question that I have heard more than 10 times the past couple of days. Sometimes a trend is here only for a few months and sometimes a trend becomes an ‘all time classic’ way. Let’s see what you can do with what you already own and still get the ‘look of the moment’ for spring/summer 2007:

– Romantic blouses
– White dresses
– Skinny jeans (well, if you must, you’re allowed…for now)
– Walking shorts, if you keep the look classic and the shorts no shorter than mid-thigh (remember: too short, too skimpy and too ragged are just painful for the rest of us)

– Skulls (enough already! Soon they will make toilet paper with a skull pattern…)
– Leggings (they were bad in the ’80s and they’re still bad in 2007 and they’ll always look bad unless you’re in a dance class)
– Head scarfs (unless you’re driving around in a convertible and you don’t want to mess up your ‘do!)

See? Easy – peasy.


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