SALES SHOPPING: Stay comfy, warm and stylish

Go shopping. Go personal

Oh well, winter is finally here and we all have to wear too many layers, and yes it can be a drag. But not anymore. Check out these tips and stay warm & comfy, while looking stylish and glamorous all the same. Remember the best time to buy a coat, winter accessories or boots is January, when everything is on SALE! Just seek out for classic but trendy designs.Same goes with accessories and boots.

Fur Hats (the fake-fur ones, can be as nice):
Well that’s a fashion trend that has proven itself with time. It was ‘in’ then, and it will be ‘in’ tomorrow. Just keep it simple and not poofy, and when you choose this style abandon all others (not too much jewelry, no colors, no other frills). And: the fur has to match the color of your coat or at least compliment the color. Example: Tan coat? Black or off white hat.Black coat? Black, tan or grey would look nice.Check

Color coats
When it is very cold,we tend to be all ‘gloomy and grey’, so why not buy a fun color coat? There are alot of sales out there, but you can start from a department store to get variety. Seek out for classic colors, so you can look hip next year too: red (bright or dark), dark green or a nice midnight blue.
But if you still like a dark color, try some brightful details, like this guess coat at guess_coat2.jpg burlington coat factory

Ah! That’s another one. Every year all of us need/want/can’t live with another new pair. So, lets buy them on sale. Here I would suggest that you look for an expensive brand, as they tend to have designs that last longer, and they have beautiful details, and leather. I still have a fantastic pair of Nello Nembro red ankle boots that I bought 5 years ago, and people on the street stop me to ask me where they are from.

Here’s a nice “dorado” one that I’m buying from saddle-leather-slouch-dorado-bootsjpg.jpg

Stay warm!


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