Do not be a Fashion Faux- Be Fabulous

Go shopping. Go personal

We all have or had a fashion faux-pas moment, but this is stuff that I still see on the street. Somehow I am hoping I’ll never see it again. But…no… Just this morning, in SoHo (NYC), in just a 4-block walk to an appointment, this is what I came across:

A fur scrunchy! Please ladies! With so many hair options and accessories nowadays, you still need buy them?! And wear them?! Just burn them please. Ew!
– Red cold feet, and more red frozen feet. Wearing no socks when it is 32 degrees Fahrenheit (O Celsius) or lower, must be uncomfortable and just looks painful. Please wear socks or opaque tights and keep your bits toasty instead of frosty!
Black sheer tights and white sneakers! Come on! We all know that you are a hard “working girl”, but this look does nothing for you. Wear loafers or flats to walk comfortably and keep the sneakers for the gym. Just the gym please.
Large logos on clothes, bags and coats. You should only have this look if actually someone is paying you to be a walking advertisement. And even then, you should expect to be in a magazine or a style show as a ‘Don’t’. Sorry.
Super tight, painfully tight jeans. Please guys, keep all this sexiness for the bedroom and buy something that fits nicely, unless a flat bum is the look you’re after.

So, lets get rid of the scruchies, the super tight clothes, the big logos and the sneakers/tights combo. You will definitely look much better, and you’ll get noticed more for the real reason: YOURSELF. Not for your wardrobe mistakes.

Stay warm folks.


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