What will Men wear in the fall/winter 07?

Men's exclusive

NYC Fashion Week 07 is moving along just fine despite everyone’s craze about it and the bitter cold weather. As we are almost half way through it we can safely present some of the trends, the colors and some of the interesting collections to look at.

We’ll keep it short and sweet:

Trends and Fashion Dos:
Knee length boots, with pants tucked in (it is back again, but if you’re not a tall guy, leave it for the others). They pair them with everything from jeans to suits. However, remember a general rule: a suit needs dressier boots than the ones you wear with jeans.
– Subtle, elegant detailing on cardigans and sweaters
Tailored suits always worn with a waistcoat. We have the revival of the 30s and 40s style
– For the younger crowd: scruffy edges on elegant and structured knits
Fitted leather jackets with dressy pants
Stripes (beware, as this can be a tricky one. Remember horizontal stripes make you appear wider!)
Voluminous coats (again, if you are not tall, go for the fitted version)
Layers still go strong

– Yellow detailing (some is nice, too much and you’ll look like a canary)
– Black always and everywhere
– Grey, oatmeal, shades of white

Trendy but a Fashion Don’t:
Cropped pants. Why make yourself appear shorter? Just leave it for the catwalk and buy normal length pants.
Long skirts. Even on the cutest models this just looks weird. Maybe if you’re a Scotchman and you like kilts, you can wear one occasionally, but keep the length at knee level.

Interesting collections so far, worth checking them out, men.style.com:
– Jil Sander
– Yves Saint Laurent
– Hermes: among my favorite collections this year
– Burberry Propsum
– Ann Demeulemeester
– John Varvatos

Stay tuned for more tips as we move through the week, provided that I don’t overdo it with the parties. Cheers!


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