What to wear? Women’s fashion fall/winter 2007

Go shopping. Go personal

I am so excited!!! Fashion week is almost over and we have the basic trends and ‘what to wear’ lists together. Things are moving away from the 80s (yay!) and are going back in time to the 20s, 30s and 40s but always with a fresh, new twist. Shorter lengths are back, frothy skirts are all over the place and there are so many pretty frocks to choose from, that there is a perfect dress out there for everyone. Ah! Choices, choices.Click here:

The inspiration for the dresses is 20s, 30s and 40s but a shorter length. All sorts of styles were shown:
– Fairy-like frocks and ballerina dresses
– Mod look dresses
– Simple lines for work or buttoned down with subtle details
– Trapeze dresses (mmm, be careful with this one as it can look boxy)
– For evening only: sequined dresses, subtle and not flashy
– Empire dresses
– Strapless hipped waist frocks
– Bubble dresses (But, too bubbly can make a gal too bulky; if it is not over the top and you’re tall and sleek go for it)

Skirts and Pants
– 20s and 30s lines are in
– Tweed pant or skirt suits with ¾ jacket sleeves
– Slim or wide legged pants (whatever works with that booty of yours)

Accessories & Details on clothes / Trends:
– Clutch bags for day and night
– Long feminine necklaces
– Opaque tights are still in and they don’t have to be just black anymore. However, if you decide to wear colored ones, the shoe must be the same color as the tights to make your legs longer and avoid clash of colors.
– 30s style shoes (I love those! They go with everything)
– 30s style hats (simple and chic is the trick)
– Fur detailing on jackets and tweed skirts
– Big belts

Some 2007 combos are:
– Black on black: classic, chic and very safe
– Grey with hues of white + some bright color like shocking pink
– Yellow + grey
– Royal blue with red or orange
– Black + purple (it makes the look a bit punk)
– Black + gold (be careful as this can look cheesy)
– All jewel colors especially for evening

And don’t worry about remember it all; we’ll make sure to remind you often. Happy shopping!


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