How to wear a mini skirt

You ask. We answer.

Mini Skirt Mini Skirt, Urban Outfitters

With such great new trends for spring, one can get very excited and looking forward to the nice warm weather. However most of us don’t have models’ bodies and are not sure how to wear all these styles. No worries gals: your personal style advisor is here to help out, so you’ll always look hip and fabulous. Today we will talk about how to wear the mini skirt/dress.

There are a few basic rules to follow when the hem-line rises:

– When you show some leg, keep everything else covered. Too much skin on the top and the bottom will instantly make the look, hmmm, trashy.
– The higher the hem-line the shorter the heel. Pair mini skirts with flats or low heels and longer lengths with higher heels. There is one exception to this rule: platforms.
– If you are in your 20s, and you’ve got nice legs, you can go really short. Mid thigh is the length you’re aiming for. Shorter skirts than that will look unsophisticated and uncomfortable.
– An A-line or a frothy skirt, makes the look young and fresh and looks good in a shorter length. If you like more figure hugging skirts, then the length should be longer. At least knee length.
– If you are in your 30s, you can go short but not too short. A trick: measure one palm from your knee up and there is where the hemline should be. Again avoid anything clingy and go for A-line and frilly styles. Pair them with a simple crisp top and you’ll look really hip and of the moment.
– For anybody who is 40 and over, I would avoid going too short. Keep the hem at knee length (at least) and show off your fab style by wearing pretty numbers or a simple urban style.
– A length that is great for every age, is just at or below the knee. Layered skirts and pencil skirts also look great in this length.
– Pair opaque black tights with a shorter skirt. This is a great way to wear a mini when it is still chilly and those tights are very forgiving too.
– When in doubt, skip the trend: if you feel mini skirts are not for you, don’t wear them. A stylish girl should always be comfortable in her clothes.

Come on! Be fabulous!


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