Oscar night is coming up: talk about dress up and how you can hold an Oscar without being nominated


‘And the Oscar goes to…FASHION’.

Another year, another Oscar night but what are we all REALLY waiting for?The stars to step up in glamorous gowns, dazzling jewels, breathtaking shoes and exquisite evening bags. This year I am expecting the stars to go a bit more crazy than other times. With everyone trying to please the fashion police, the fashion gurus, the fashion connoisseurs, the fashion bloggers, all those events have become a parade of look-like actresses in look-alike gowns. Because, they all try to make safe choices.

Safe is good, but not for Oscar night! What are the rest of us going to dream about? The red carpet needs to spice up a bit and get more adventurous. This applies not just for actresses but for the men too. I don’t want to see another tuxedo & a bow tie. I want personality behind it. I want crazy but stylish suits, hem-lines of all lengths and some attitude to go with it. After all we are talking about Hollywood Royalty and if you are among that crowd you should be able to funk it up. At least Ellen won’t be in a long gown and that’s a relief! Or will she surprise us all? I am also excited because George and Kirsten will be presenting. George because he is brilliant and Kirsten because she is the fairest of them all as far as her style goes.

Stay tuned and come back to read more after the grand event (Sunday, 2/25 at 8.00 EST). For info click here

And if you’re one of the Oscar-crazy people out there, you can ‘Meet the Oscars’ and also have your picture taken holding one (outstanding acting performance is not necessary). All of this is happening this week until 2/24/2007, Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, Location:Times Square Studios, 1500 Broadway, between 43rd St. and 44th St. New York.


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