The Return of the Snakes

What's hot today

Featuring serpents or using them to embellish a garment or a piece of jewelry, is not fashion news. What is news is that designers are reinventing themselves and are using something classic and make it all fresh again. Ladies and Gentlemen: the snake is back!

Some history is essential for those of us that will adopt this old/new trend: Since ancient times, the serpent is considered woman’s power over man, conveying messages of both sensuality and command. In some ancient cultures (Ancient Greece and Egypt), the snake shape in jewelry was believed to keep harm away from the person who wore it. For all, the serpent was also a sign of royalty.

The snake and its shape still fascinates designers today. This old/new trends is appearing everywhere: jewelry, clothes, accessories.

Some luxurious snake beauties to check out:
– Snake Print Wrap Dress by Diane von Furstenberg at
– Snake Cufflings by Dunhill at
– The Gucci red snakeskin bag
– The Snake ring belt by Prada



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