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Great music and great fashion style go hand in hand. There is no fashion stylist or fashion creator, who works without music in the background. Music helps you dream and open up, it reveals emotions and desires that wouldn’t probably come out on the surface without the stimulation of a good tune. And sometimes when you get hold of a good CD, that’s pretty much all you are listening to.

Recently I got hold of a great album, ‘DEEP’ by the group Ror-Shak. I am listening to it when I am writing, when I am styling clients or when I am playing with my daughter. It is a well-balanced album containing a lot of airy and melancholic vocals by famous artists such as Julee Cruise, Lisa Shaw and others, while the music style is a composition of broken beats, downtempo, soulful chill, electronica and some cool jazz.

Every song on the album is very simple and complex at the same time, full of surprises, uplifting but also makes you think a bit deeper than usual. I guess that’s why DB and DJ Stakka, the brains behind Ror-Shak, called the album ‘DEEP’.

Check it out


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