Shoes, shoes and more…shoes!

You ask. We answer.

Love your jeans? Want to wear them everyday? Can you? Sure you can. All you need is change your shoes and you’ll have put together a different outfit.

The new trend is bright colors in shoes and accessories and here’s an example of how it’s done:

Have to meet with a client? I’ll slip into a cute pair of Seychelles sandals in yellow and pair them with a dressy jacket and a satchel bag. Want to go for a stroll? My cute and comfortable Guess ‘Eleanor’ wedges are perfect to walk around the city. And what about that party, where everyone will be hipper than hip? I’ll wear something crisp, sexy and white like my BCBGirls ‘Deliah’ pumps, a frilly top and I’ll be ready to paint the town red.

I look forward to hiding away my winter boots – sorry guys, I love you, but enough is enough!

seychelles_sandal.jpgSeychelles sandal Guess ‘Eleanor’ sandalGuess ‘Eleanor’ sandal BCBGirls ‘Deliah’ pumpBCBGirls ‘Deliah’ pump


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