The Summer Suit

Men's exclusive

polo.jpg Polo Ralph Lauren at

The one thing that a man needs to have in his closet is a summer suit. By that I mean a nice cotton khaki suit. There are some great ones in stores right now and mostly all designers offer them, so the selection is wide to suit you all. However there are a few things that one should know about a khaki suit:

You can dress it up and/or down: you can pair your suit with a dark tie & shoes and soft colored buttoned down shirts and wear them to work or a fancy party. If you want to wear a khaki suit in a more casual way, get a more fitted suit with flat front pants, and then pair it with a polo shirt and sneakers (all in the same color palette please, to keep the look clean-cut and simple).

Your socks should be the same color as your pants or a tone lighter. Dark socks with light colored pants is just NOT done and everyone will be looking at your socks instead of you!

– Fassionistas wear fitted suits now, but you have to have a great body to pull it off. So I recommend to always choose styles that complement your body type and your age. A pot belly and a slim pant is a look to be avoided at all costs.

I’ll be on the lookout for the best dressed among you all season. Cheers!


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