How to wear white

You ask. We answer.

chloe-babydoll-dress.jpg Babydoll dress by CHLOE

In an earlier article we talked about one of the trends of the season: wearing white from head to toe. It seems that it is easier said that done, as a lot of you have come back with questions of how to wear white properly. Lets address a few:

Question: How can I wear white dress and not look like a bride?
Answer: Accessories are key here. Don’t wear white pumps with a white dress or white high heeled strappy sandals for evening. Keep the accessories a different color or nude and for evening I suggest you wear silver or gold sandals.

Question: I am a size 12-14. Can I wear white trousers?
Answer: Yes you can, but they have to be quite wide at the bottom. Pair them with something either fitted or an A-line top and wedges or flat sandals. You’ll look taller and sleeker.

Question: I like white but I am worried that I won’t keep that crisp white look after a ride on the NYC subway. Any ideas?
Answer: That’s a tricky one. I suggest that you travel off peak hours to keep your white outfit as untouched as possible, but hey NYC is a quite dirty city-while wonderful in so many other ways. I usually get pants, skirts and shirts that I can stick in the washing machine and not worry about them so much. But if you anticipating a long day, wear something off white at the bottom half and keep the ‘architect’s white’ shade for a top. Also, if the toner in the office is out, resist the urge to change it yourself, and ask an associate to assist you.

Question: I like all those white bags, but how do you wear them? Can you wear them with dark colors?
Answer: You can pair a white bag with black or other dark colors, provided that there is some other white detailing in the outfit, such as a white collar and cuffs on your shirt, a black and white pattern, or if you’re wearing black and white shoes for example. If your outfit is all black, a white bag just looks weird. Try red or green instead.
On the other hand, a white bag looks great with all those navy looks and floral dresses that you’ll start wearing very soon. It gives the outfit an air of freshness.


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