The Age of the Cocktail Dress

Go shopping. Go personal

milly.jpgMilly Chiffon Dress

The Cocktail Dress is back! Wherever I go & whichever store I visit, there is an impressive collection of dresses and especially of the cocktail kind. At last, women are expected & willing to go out in a dress. Yay! I thought that moment would never come back.

What is important to remember when you’re buying a dress?
What is the occasion: If you want to wear a dress at work, that is great, but make sure that it is not too short, too provocative, too tight and/or too sparkly. For evening the choice is yours.

Know your body: choose styles that work for your body not against it. Got nice legs? Show them of, but keep the top covered. Want to show off your décolleté? Go for it but keep the hemline below the knee. Got a full figure? Wear something fitted to show off your shape, but avoid anything tight (we know you have, err…a nice bosom but don’t rub them in our face please)

Detailing is important; a hidden pocket here, a button there, a crisscross back, a nice pattern etc., will show off your sense of style.

Material and full lining are also essential elements to seek out: avoid anything that the materials does not a nice rich feel, or if it doesn’t have any lining. Having your dress cling onto your undies or being see-through is not the look you’re after, unless you want to end up on someone’s “fashion don’t’ list.

anne-klein-dress.jpgAnne Klein dress
These cuties are currently on my shopping list. What’s on yours?carolina-herrera-dress.jpgCarolina Herrera dress


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