Ballerinas all around

Go shopping. Go personal

recollection_dress.jpgRecollection Dress
I have been looking all around for the perfect pair of ballerina shoes that I can wear with my jeans, but also with my new ‘recollection dress’ that I bought recently. I had been looking for a nice dressier pair, very ballerina-like but also with a modern vibe to it. There are so many options out there, but nothing that truly reminds you of ‘Gizelle’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’ or ‘Oddette/Odile’.

valentino_ballet.jpg vallentino_ballet2.jpg
Until…I stumbled upon the Valentino Ballerinas. Oh my! I put them on and I instantly felt like the Sugar Plum Fairy in her fig colored dress. A little pricier that I would pay for ballerinas, but it has been a while since I stepped out in a fairy-tale pair. Check them out.


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