Dress the Part

Go shopping. Go personal

Last week I was out shopping with a client, when in one of the stores I ran into my ‘competition’; 2 stylists/personal shoppers who were dressing a 16-year old young woman.

It is always interesting to meet your competition face to face and I am all for it. We all exchanged a polite glance and of course a quick once-over: this is something that always happens at this profession: one takes a quick look of what the other person is wearing and comes to a conclusion of what that person’s fashion sense might be like: sporty, feminine, modern, easy-going, likes flashy brands, subtle, elegant, clueless about dressing fashionably, trashy etc.

I have to say that I was astonished with my competition’s inexplicable dress sense of the day. What I will describe was worn by one of the stylists. Yes, all of it:

A white top-hat with a black and silver brim, a ruffled black shirt, jeans with lacey trimmings, gold jewelry, a western-type belt with a huge silver buckle, grandma type sensible black shoes and a beige/brown snakeskin satchel bag with gold details. She also wore a fur/leather coat: the kind that resembles the dead animal itself. Ew!

The only thing that I could think of is: WHY?!? Why are my eyes hurting? Why are these people calling themselves stylists? A stylist should dress the part. The same rules that apply to one’s client apply to the stylist too. Less is more and the goal is to look pulled together.

Some learnings from this traumatic experience:
One flashy accessory per outfit. In the case above the lady should have worn either the white hat, or the belt or the bag. Not everything together.
When you want to go western, don’t mix it up so much: a bag and a belt, or a belt and earrings and a western inspired bracelet is plenty.
If you want to wear lace, keep the rest really simple. Even if it is detailing on your jeans.
Coats that look like dead animals belong to the Stone Age, unless it is Halloween and you want to dress up as one of the Flintstones.

The young woman these ‘stylists’ were dressing, was as cute and fresh as a breeze: she was dressed in a simple top and leggings, paired nicely with a 60s type coat and a cute bag. She did not need any of that ‘weird’ styling. She should have kept her money and spent it on something else.

For all the stylists out there and for you also: if something is right don’t try to fix it. You should only update it so it looks current. And… take a good look in the mirror before going out and take off one thing. Maybe two. Maybe three!!!


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