Get a cool shirt and help kids in Africa

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How would you feel if you could buy a unique T, but know that 100% of the money spent on that T would go to those who really need it? Great! Right?

I came across this cool vintage T on line boutique, Defunkd. They offer rare vintage Ts from a large spectrum of collectible concert Ts, from hip-hip to punk rock to pop culture, mostly from the 80s. Currently they are auctioning 20 mint vintage Live Aid concert Ts online with 100% of profits donated to benefit the original cause. The auction will be on until May 10, & store visitors will have an opportunity to bid on original concert shirts from Live Aid – the world’s biggest rock festival held in 1985 to raise money for starvation in Africa.

This charity auction is the result of a partnership of Defunkd and Africa Aid, a non-profit organization, which provides financial assistance to underprivileged African communities through a range of initiatives, from AIDS-related issues to education and sustainable development.

One cannot claim to be a knowledgeable shopper, if one doesn’t check out vintage stores. When buying vintage one can be assured of uniqueness and pop out from the mainstream. An easy way to start buying vintage is T-shirts. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to wear a unique and cool T and in many cases the only way is vintage.

Check these websites out: and


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