Singing in the Rain

Go shopping. Go personal

gucci-wellies.jpg Gucci wellies $200 at targetwellies.jpg wellies $19.99 at Target

There is no use complaining about the weather, but lately I have been doing it a bit, just because I am eager for the spring, long walks in the park and flirty floral dresses. Also, it has been raining. Lots. And until last week I did not own any wellies. Shocking but true. I’ll tell you why:

Being Mediterranean, I never owned any wellies, and I never found a strong enough reason to get any. In the east Mediterranean it doesn’t rain that often, and wellies are associated with doing work in the garden. Yeah! I know…there are all silly ideas.

When I moved to NYC however, I soon discovered that it rains a lot ☺but still… For many years I was resisting to get a pair. Until I realized that ruining my dressy boots every time it rains, it is not really an option any more. So, wellies entered my life and closet. Now, even I get excited every time it rains. I put on my boots and get out there in the crazy rain. I just wish that I had the ‘epiphany’ of getting a cute pair of wellies earlier.

Needless to say that there is a pair out there for every budget like the ones featured here. They all promise to show off your style and keep your feet dry. That’s a reason to sing in the rain!


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