The light summer jacket

Go shopping. Go personal

nm-0u5m_my.jpg Jacket Marc by Marc Jacobs at Neiman Marcus

The new summer jacket is light, but it should never be taken lightly. It can get you a long way: pair it with shorts for an instant glam up of your favorite pair of shorts or jeans, or wear it with a cute summer dress when it is a bit chilly or when you want to wear your dress to the office and you want some cover up.

No matter how you choose to wear it, a summer jacket is one of the essential items in a wardrobe. Choose a nice cropped one to make your wardrobe current and pick a nice neutral color so you can pair it with many different things and create numerous outfits. I particularly like this beige Marc by Marc Jacobs one featured above, but there are choices out there for every girl and every budget.

If you can’t decide which neutral to get, I would advise to go either black or white; always smart, always glamorous and perfect for summer.


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