Precious Metals

You ask. We answer.

niteline1.jpg Niteline dress burberry-dress.jpg Burberry Dresskay-unger-dress.jpg Kay Unger dress

One of the hottest trends in 2007 evening wear is metallic colors. They compliment perfectly your sun-kissed (or self-tanned) shoulders and gams, they are brightly subtle, funky and fun. They can be worn by all of use despite our age and body type. A metallic top gives a nice glow to anyone’s face and a metallic dress is dressy but without making you feel all dressed up. It is the ‘go to’ look when you want to go to a fancy party and then continue for drinks at that funky downtown hotspot the same night.

There are certain rules that a well -dressed girl should always follow when she goes metal:
– Keep accessories minimal.
– Don’t wear any jewelry when your metallic dress is too sparkly, or too bright.
– Wear shoes the same color of your dress or neutral to avoid color clashes. The same goes for your bag. Keep it small and simple.
– Keep your makeup fresh and neutral looking. If you do a metallic allover, people will think you’re a Star Trek Alien Wannabe.
Here are some dresses I really like this season by Burberry, Kay Unger and Niteline. Enjoy!


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