Shorts Rule

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habitual-shorts.jpg Habitual Shorts in denim

Shorts rule every summer and this year they are hotter than ever. Not only did shorts rule the 2007 spring-summer catwalks, but also I am seeing more & more people than usual wearing them on the streets of NY as the temperatures keep rising.

Wearing shorts in a smart way can be tricky, especially if you’re adapting the look into your everyday urban wear. To look chic and trendy in shorts circa 2007:
– Pair them with a cardigan and flats for a casual/preppy look
– Wear them with a froathy top and sandals for evening
– Wear them with sneakers and a military style jacket for a funkier look
– Long and sleek shorts can be worn to the office if paired with nice pumps and a fancier jacket.

Length is important to make the look chic. Leave the shorter lengths for the younger crowd with killer legs and adopt a longer style if you are not 25 and your legs don’t resemble Naomi’s (or close). Also: the shorter the shorts the looser the fit. You can get a more figure hugging number if the length is at or below the knee.

Shorts that you should NEVER wear:
1. SPANDEX! Don’t laugh please. I am still seeing those and I can’t understand why people, who are clearly not part of a cycling team, wear them out in public. Spandex people: Do us a favor and know that these shorts are unflattering, unsophisticated and a bad choice.

2. Short khakis – polo shirt – socks and sneakers combo. Enough already! It is just not done anymore and we’re done too.

These are my shorts tips folks, with all my love,
Your Style Advisor


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