Flippety Floppety Thongs

You ask. We answer.

nmx052z_mh.jpgRene Caovilla Crystal-Embellished Sandal at Neiman Marcus

What to wear when it is a million degrees out there, and your feet cannot even fit in any normal looking shoe? Flip-flops of course.

However, going the Havainas way,must not be the only way you should be looking at flip-flops. The plastic kind is great, it is in every shape and color out there and very practical, but if you want to be remembered for your unique and chic style, you should know that this plastic kind is meant to be worn at the beach-swimming pool-gym-and at home. OK. You can also wear them and run to the deli to get some ice-cream, but that’s it.

Now, lets get back to the initial question: what to wear when it is a million degrees? Flip-flops, but only the dressed up kind: the so-called ‘Thongs’ by the retail and fashion folks. And here is when the fun begins: anything goes. Leather, bejeweled, beaded, flat or with a low heel, thongs can take you anywhere from the board room to drinks, while looking fabulous and keeping your feet happy under the sun or during the heatwave.

My dream pair is this Rene Caovilla Crystal-Embellished Sandal featured above, but there are a gazillion other choices out there, currently on sale. And while you’re at it, get a pedi. That’s not an option. It’s an order. Happy shopping!


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