High Waist

You ask. We answer.

joes-jeans.jpgJoe’s Jeans “Muse” High Rise Wide Leg Jean at Bloomingdales
Getting all geared up for the new fashions? Don’t forget high waist pantaloons. They can flatter and are forgiving provided that they fit you properly and hug your body in all the right places.
What to look for when shopping for your pair:
– Make sure that the waist comes just above your hips and just below your belly button.
– Aim for gradual flare
– Select dark shades or crisp white to get that elegant look of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly
– Avoid other details: pockets, pleats, embroidery of every kind, etc –you know what I mean-which only take away from this lean and clean-cut look and make you appear heavier
– Pair your pantaloon with something that fits you nicely, but doesn’t cling to your body. The best top is a romantic blouse.

Very chic!


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