Vivre le Vest

You ask. We answer.

akris-vest.jpgAkris vest at Saks Fifth Avenuevest-urban.jpgVest at Urban Outfitters
Give your wardrobe a new vibe by introducing a vest this season.

The vest has as a very special place in the heart and closet of every fashionista, because it can dress up or down any type of outfit in just seconds. This year, with the 30s and 40s inspired collections, the vest is a must-have item.

There are many different types of vests anything from funky-disco like this urban outfitters style to classic-retro looking one like the AKRIS vest featured above.

If this is the first time you buy a vest, I recommend a classic style, at a nice anthrax-black or dark olive color. Wear it over a summer day dress and a belt to make the look more pulled together, with your work pants and a white shirt so you can skip the suit jacket, or with jeans for a more sophisticated yet relaxed look.

Happy shopping!


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