Silk for Chic

What's hot today

pliz1-3819949big.jpgSilk Charmeuse Pintuck Blouse at Liz Clairborne
Summer is at full blast…Dressing for work should be easy and breezy, but that doesn’t mean that you can go to the office in a tank and flip flops, a look that I find should be left for a lazy weekend on the beach and out of the board room.

The top trend in the top department is a silk blouse. Get yourself a couple a silk tops / blouses which you can pair with knee length skirts, trousers but also jeans. They are dressy enough for work, easy to wear, let your body breath and so pretty against your sun-kissed cheeks.

It is a perfect time to look for a silk blouse, knock-offs are everywhere and you can wear them in the fall/winter too under a cashmier jacket or a blaser. Tres chic!


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