September Calling

You ask. We answer.

750241_mll_b.jpgWrap Cardigan,
I can’t believe we are almost done with August and that school starts in a week. How did summer pass so quickly? I love summer, however there are so many things to look forward to in September.

First is Fashion week, starting on September 5. EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will keep us in summer mode all those cold winter months ahead of us. Stay tuned!

Second is SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will always get me excited regardless of the temperature out there. However, not all of us have budgets that can buy whole new wardrobes every season, so SMART shopping is the trick. And that is stretching out your summer wardrobe into fall with a few key pieces. This is how you do it:

– Your summer dresses: These can be really versatile and you can wear them as long as you like. Pair light colors like cream, white or soft yellow with black opaque tights, a cardigan, and booties to create this 30s look gone 2007-8.Buy a ballet style cross over cardi which will work well with the full skirted dresses that we are all wearing this summer. For a ‘tougher’ look, pair your summer dress with a biker jacket, knee length boots and a newsboy cap.

– Colored denim: wear your colored denims or white ones with boots and a cute bell shaped jacket in charcoal grey or toffee brown, for a funky fall look.

– Skirts: it is all about pairing and mix-matching this season, so you could wear your soft, bubbly skirts with a buttoned down white crisp shirt and a vest, or a cute sweater. If the skirt has a pattern I would pair it with a solid color on top, or black or cream, and rider boots. If the skirt is a solid color, you can do a patterned top. Just make sure that the colors complement each other and it you’re not sure, go the neutral way.

Questions or ideas are welcome, send them over. Happy Shopping!


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