Men's exclusive

Men’s fashion for spring 08 equals effortless style: your outfit should take you from the beach to the city and then back to the sand dunes. However, all this is done with style, no slouchy, ragged pants or anything boho or unkept. Finally, it seems that khaki cutoffs + T-shirt combo is a look of the past. Thank heavens. Lots of tennis-type shorts paired with sleek tops and jackets, neutrals, white & black, and a smart pinstripe suit will give a breath of fresh air to any wardrobe. Also look out for colored denim paired with charcoal and black jackets and a white shirt, very cool. Check out the men’s collections here.

Michael Bastian

Everything looked relaxed in this collection, from blazers to jackets to karate pants. However, the materials used were luxurious; a lot of linen and luxe cashmere, made those simple designs simply wonderful. This was one of my favorite collections so far.

Perry Ellis

There were some key items in this collection, which truly would help a somewhat dull summer wardrobe get some funk. I loved the linen cargo shorts and colorful nylon jackets in warm summer colors. The pinstriped jeans are a must-have.

Tony Mellilo

This collection celebrates one of the most basic rules that every fashionista follows: pairing classic basics with a couple of fun touches. Colors are either neutral or black and white for endless combinations. Also, this year pairing a black jacket with matching shorts is something to be admired. Personally I am not a fan of shorts and jackets unless you’re tall like a basketball player. Bermudas and hoodies were also big in this collection which sometimes seemed that the guys were all borrowing clothes from one another.

More collections to come!


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