A weekend Upstate NY: a guy’s essentials

Men's exclusive

blucher-boots.jpgJohnston & Murphy blutcher boots

It is mid autumn now, and winter is round the corner. Good times for getting together with friends, log fires, walks in the woods upstate NY, preparing a beef bourguignonne for a beloved one and curling up with a nice glass of red and a good book. Are you ready for all of this? Let’s take a look at your closet and make sure you have all the essentials in there.

Walking boots: Get a nice pair of classic blucher ankle boots. Casual, and far more stylish than your average boot on high street stores.
A nice warm coat, which doubles as a city coat too. Check out Burlington Factory and www.oaknyc.com
Cordroys in an auturm pallete: browns, dark or olive greens, greys and throw a brick one if you crave a funkier version. Tons of versions at J. Crew.
A fisherman’s sweater. Check out S.N.S. Herning, available at www.oaknyc.com . They’re great, warm yet stylish

Happy Fall!


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