Wear a sweater honey!

Go shopping. Go personal

designhistory.jpgDesign History ellietahari.jpgEllie Tahari inhabit.jpgInhabit

That was my mother’s usual advise for winter, every winter for as long as I can remember.
Wear a sweater honey‘! Ugh! I did not want to wear one, because when I was growing up (that is the 70s and 80s), everything was itchy, oversize, or bulky and I did not do either of these things very well.

But now, things are and look so different sweater-wise. I get so excited when the weather lady forecasts temperatures in the 40s and 30s, because I have a good excuse to put on all those new sweaters. Sweaters now can be layered over a dress, paired with skirts or pants, and they are comfy, toasty, stylish and never itchy!

Here are three possibilities with suggestions to create 3 different outfits:

1. Design History sweater: pair it with a rich brown colored skirt and knee high brown boots for the office. Adding gold accessories will pull the look together.

2. Ellie Tahari sweater: The defined waist will allow you to pair it with a bubbly skirt, preferably in inky black in a nice rich fabric, black opaque tights. Maroon flats, a scarf, silver hoops and a chunky silver bracelet makes the whole outfit erfect for a date night!

3. Inhabit sweater:I love this for the weekend, with bright colored jeans either in an electric blue or dark red hue, a solid white tee, black boots worn over the jeans and presto: you’re ready for brunch and for shopping in Soho afterwards.

Stay warm!


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