Winter equals Coat

You ask. We answer.

kennethcole.jpgKenneth Cole toca.jpgToca

Winter and coats go hand in hand. Stepping out in style and staying toasty is possible, as long as you invest in a good and warm coat. Endless options and crazy coat sales everywhere make this an easy task for the girl who is now shopping for a new coat.

If you want to differ from the pack, I recommend that you don’t buy a black coat this year. I know… black is versatile and easy, and never looks dirty – a factor that you must keep in mind, if you are living in a big city like NYC. I am all for these things too, but I honestly think you can get all that from another color i.e. like this brown/grayish Toca coat, or this Andrew Marc one, which is black, but has some serious fur detailing.

andrewmarc.jpgAndrew Marc

White is also versatile and easy to wear, provided that you are not a sloppy person and that you have a good relationship with your local dry-cleaners store. It is so chic and urban, I am putting it on my list for Santa this year. I really like this Kenneth Cole one.

Stay warm!


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