How to wear a dark ivy dress

Go shopping. Go personal

I love all earth colors and nothing is more earthy, wintery and screams holidays than dark ivy. Recently I was asked what color goes with a dark ivy dress. The nice thing about dark ivy, is that it is a very easy color, almost like navy blue or black.

 Here are 3 ideas:

– Preppy: pair your dark ivy dress with cream and beige leggings, same beige tone shoes & bag, pearls   and a dark red coat. You’ll be preppy and festive.

– Funky:  pair it with a jewel magenda cardigan, nude fishnet tights, brass or tan lace up boots and bag, gold thin hoops & bangles. A nice cocktail ring with magenda and green stones will wrap the whole outfit together.

– Evening: Treat it like you would treat your little black dress, but with a twist. Black opaque tights, patent black shoes, and a black feathered boa, will bring out the dark ivy color, make you look all dressed up, but in fun way. Choose silver and sparkly accessories and evening bag. You’ll rock!


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