Happy New Year and why BLUE is the color for 08!

You ask. We answer.

Happy New Year our beloved readers! Our website just celebrated it’s first year, and thanks to your regular visits it has been growing stronger and stronger. We look forward to an exciting year of fashion for ladies and gents, personal shopping tips, fashion trends and mostly your ideas and feedback.

louboutin2.jpg Louboutin Pumps cazabat.jpgCazabat MJs moccasin.jpgUrban

Just the other day, I was shopping for a client’s spring wardrobe. While I was browsing and thinking of those spring clothes, I constantly thought of shoes that would look fresh and would work not only with new stuff, but also with what my client already owned. I needed a solid color, not too flashy, versatile, which is easily paired with jeans, a new flowery skirt, navy slacks or a tulle pastel skirt for example. BLUE! That’s it! Blue is the new neutral color for spring.

Check out these lovely Louboutin pumps (Barneys and Saks carry them), or these Cazabat mary janes for a 30s look, or a pair of moccasins. They all resemble the fresh, flower scented breeze of Central Park in the springtime, while the color tone is so easy to pair with your stuff, you’ll go out and buy a second pair. That’s what my client decided to do, so I am now shopping for more blue shoes!


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