Richard Avedon: Photographer of Influence at the Phoenix Art Museum

Fashion & the Arts

avedonjpg.jpgHomage to Munkacsi. Carmen, coat by Cardin, Place François-Premier, Paris, August 1957, Richard Avedon. © 2007 The Richard Avedon Foundation. Courtesy The Richard Avedon Foundation.

One of my favorite things to do is traveling and while at it, visit Museums. And when a Museum has a show about fashion, that is a double treat. For those of you that are planning to visit Phoenix any time soon, make sure to check out the Phoenix Art Museum, as from Jan 12 – April 13, 2008, there is a terrific exhibition about Richard Avedon. A few years back I saw an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art about Avedon and it was fantastic, so my appetite for more Avedon shows is huge. Check this out from the Phoenix Art Museum’s website:

Richard Avedon’s career as a fashion and portrait photographer spanned nearly seven decades in the 20th century and just into the 21st, leaving an indelible impression on American culture. The early years of Avedon’s prolific career were spent photographing the era’s leading models in designer clothing for magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. For his signature portraiture style, Avedon placed his subject in front of a spare white background, drawing a viewer’s attention to the posture, expression, and gestures of the people he photographed. This exhibition includes both his early fashion photographs as well as powerful and revealing portraits of actors, politicians, artists, writers and intellectuals.


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