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warehousedress.jpgWarehouse dress

I was in London last week and that was a fun trip. I love NY for many reasons, one of them being fashion, but London fashion has this understated cool vibe, this je ne sais quoi… London fashionistas really know how to mix and match trends – no offense New Yorkers! So, while strolling the streets of London I spotted some cool looks that need to be shared:

– Punky 50s: Girls in London mix and match the hot trend of 2008 – the 50s inspired frocks, like the one featured from Warehouse, and skirts but add punk elements to it. Pair a 50s dress with an edgy leather jacket – slim and cropped and studded pumps, or wear your romantic 50s inspired skirt with a fitted top & a wide belt and keep the hemline shorter.
– T-strap shoes. They were everywhere and in all colors of the rainbow. My favorite ones were primary colored patend ones
– Slouchy trousers with cropped jacket + girlie flats and an oversized statement bag. Your boyfriend would never think of that combo.

Happy weekend.


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