Oscars 2008: the Good, the Blah and the Inexplicable

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So we had the Oscars after all…Despite rain or shine we sat in front of the telly for 6 hours – I am including the red carpet + the ceremony time + all the commercials… We saw all the stars clapping one another, giving boring speeches and being ‘entertained’ by hideous dancing and singing. Why do I bother watching them every year then? The clothes baby…the clothes.

The clothes made me think, ONE MORE TIME: where are the runway looks? Where are the risks? Where are the really outrageous and riske outfits? The fun? Most stars played it safe, so safe in fact, that most looked like clones.

Here are my nominations and you can be the judge of who wins the style oscar this year: The Good, the Blah and the Inexplicable. Click on oscar.comred carpet for pictures.

The Good Gals:
– Kristin Chenowerth in Armani Prive. Stunning.
– Penelope Cruz in Chanel couture. Absolutely beautiful and a lovely smile. She always gets it right
– Jennifer Hudson in R. Cavali. I loved this dress and she looked cute with her bangs, but…it was a bit tight. Watch out for the spillover effect Jen and get the dress a size bigger next time.
– Ruby Dee in Kevan Hall. Stylish, age appropriate, the dress fitted beautifully. Well done.
– Anne Hathaway in Marcesa. Divide and regal.
– Heidi Klum. Heidi you were the fairest of them all. Wow!

The Good Boys:
– George Clooney in a classic tux: always a favorite, always a classy guy.
– Collin Farrel: this guy knows how to mix bad guy looks (a bit scruffy, long hair) with a very preppy suit. Fantastic suit Collin. By Dunhill.

The Blah:
– Diane Lane, Cameron Diaz, Ellen Page, Renee Zellweger. We’ve seen you look like that before. Many times in fact.

The Bad Gals:
– Julie Cristie: How to wear red shrink wrap? With sheer pink gloves and crazy hair!!! Julie, please stop designing and focus on the movies.
– Diablo Cody: Would the devil wear that leopard Galliano? I doubt it. I can understand the print, maybe the diamante detailing. Maybe the bright red lip. But all together? And to top it off, the cut was so high up your thigh Diablo, we almost saw your undies. EW!
– Faye Dunaway: Bad plastic and bad hair. Go to the salon and chop it all off. And while you’re at it, take off that dress and never-never wear that shade again.
– Tilda Swindon: Tilda, how did you come up with this rag???

The Bad Boys:
– Johny Depp: Why?!? Why do you want to make yourself ugly when you are gorgeous?
– Wasley Snipes: what were you thinking when you put on a checked bow tie and a cheesy blue suit? That Fashion Police won’t arrest you?

That’s all folks! See you next year.


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