Ladies & Gentlemen: what’s hot – spring 2008

What's hot today

Hello readers! Many of you have been asking me what are the Trends for spring 2008, because you want to have a list handy when you hit the stores. Keep notes please.


liz-clairbornejpg.jpgThe new shift dress from Liz Clairborne

- Neutrals, black and white, hues of jewel colors
- High Waists are back, the real waist is defined by belts
- Thin belts wrapped around the waist a couple of times is very 2008.
– 30s, 50s and 60s inspiration
– Bohemian chic is always a spring/summer favorite
– Safari pants paired with stripy tops & a tailored jacket
– Fedoras will keep you looking cool and keep the sun off your face
– Kaftans & gold sandals are one of the hottest looks when the temperature rises
– Bold colors in ladylike classics will spice up your office look, I.e. a red trench coat, or yellow pumps
– Floral dresses. They are back and totally hot

paul-smith.jpgThe white shirt & vest combo by Paul Smith

– Crisp white shirts with tailored vest & pants in a sand shade
– Woven accessories, i.e. a bag or shoes
– Sleek tops & jackets paired with tennis shorts for the weekend chilled look
– Charcoal or black jacket + white shirt + colored denim + sneakers = urban dandy
– The pinstriped suit. Always a classic
– Don’t bother with ties. The designer Yamamoto never wears one, even when he meets kings, queens and emperors

Last but the most important point on both lists: Be true to yourself: if you are not sure about a look, don’t bother.

Happy Shopping!


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