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Larkee jeans Diesel
Larkee jeans/Diesel    Paid/UrbanOutfitters     

Cool guys who want don’t want to wear jeans all the time, have some wonderful options this spring/summer season. Welcome to the new crop of cool pants!

Here are some tips when you are shopping for your new cool pair.
The new pant is…:
Colorful & funky: if you like jeans, and want a bit of an edge try some colored jeans. I really like stuff from Diesel and 7 for All Mankind. Start from green or grey hues, like the Diesel jeans featured here, and then you can move to something organic, white and cotton.
Plaid: this is a cross between 50s cool with a 2008 edge and you have to have a nice figure. A beer belly and this kind of style does not work. I mean this. But, if you have the bod, check out urban outfitters for styles similar to what we are showing here.
The New Cargo: the new cargo pant has shape, the material is soft and the color is dark blue, grey black or mocha my favorire. John Varvatos has the best.
Cotton, pistripe & stretch: this is another style which reminds me of the French Riviera of the 1960s. Pair them with a white linen shirt and aviators and you’ll be the coolest on the block.

Chinos: it is so last year. Don’t even think about them anymore
Corduroys: they are cool for fall and early spring, but as soon as the temperature rises above 60 degrees, they automatically look heavy and warm. Not a good option for summer unless you live in Canada or Vermont or you’re re-living the Woodstock era.

Happy Spring!

Pinstripe/Theory                                 Cargo/John Varvatos


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