You ask. We answer.

My beloved readers. I have missed you so. Your personal shopper is currently relocating from NY to London and is also taking a little break at the beautiful island of Andros, Greece.

I am spending loads of time on the beach in miniscule bikinis like this Victoria Secret one and reading fashion mags like a crazy woman. While working on my tan, I am looking for new material and new ideas and shopping locations in my new home city to be – London- but also New York.

Until we all start shopping in 2 continents for the fall, I need to let you all know that now is the time to buy new swimsuits and beach gear as everything is currently on sale – i.e. this swimsuit retails for $19 only, and it might be handy for the next couple of weeks or if you are planning to take a vacation around xmas-time. A funky sarong or a classy swimsuit never goes out of fashion, as long as all the bits that need to be covered are covered properly. A little bit of sexy is a good thing, too much is an eyesore. But you all know this by now, or else you would not be reading these lines.

Need to apply some more sunscreen – see you all in a couple of weeks.

Love & happy shopping,
Your PS


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