Oh LaLa! Tartan!

You ask. We answer.

My dear readers,





Julien Macdonald

Julien Macdonald

It has been a while since I last blogged, mostly due to relocating from New York to London and all the fun that comes with that. It has all been crazy & exciting, and what it has been great is that I am residing in another fashionable city, full of shopping bargains and lots of fashionistas for endless inspiration.

Being in London at this time of year is great, as it is not too warm to wear fun hats and light coats, but not too cold either, so one doesn’t have to bundle up and forget all about being glamorous. One trend that I am frequently spotting on the streets and the shops is tartan designs in coats and jackets. Take a look at these babies, which all promise to keep you warm, hip, stylish and comfy. Pair them with jeans, a polo shirt, boots and a nice bag and you’ll end up at Glamour’s ‘Do list’.



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