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Belts from Accessorize

Belts from Accessorize

Everywhere I look I am reading the word ‘belting’. Belts were always a vital item in one’s wardrobe, but never as big as they have been the past couple of years, so I guess that is reason that this word will be soon added in the Oxford Dictionary – if it hasn’t already. But lets leave the grammar lesson and move on to the fashion aspect of belting: It is true that belting stuff that you already own will instantly update them. But what type of belts should one choose? Now that can be overwhelming especially if you are new to the belting frenzy. But we are here to help on how to belt:

Rule 1: How to wear your belt.
The new way of wearing a belt is snug to your wait and over a coat, jacket, sweater, or blouse. The other way -but only if the belt is wide- is to wear it loose on your hips. If you have a little extra in your mid section, opt for a larger snug belt and if you are slimmer you can also go for a narrower/thin version. You should use a belt to make your figure more of an hourglass shape. Sausage shapes and variations are out and will always be. Think of how your mom and grandma wore their belts in the 50s…that’s the look you should be after.

Rule 2: Daytime Vs evening belts
The good news here is that the line between daytime Vs evening clothes and accessories is not as clear as it was a few years back. Now we can wear sparkly things for morning and jeans for evening, and the same goes for accessories. HOWEVER: if you want to wear a sparkly belt or accessories, everything else must be mute and plain. Too much sparkle and you’ll look like those Barbie Dolls my daughter plays with and that look is not sophisticated, nor chic.

Rule 3: Belts for jeans
Jeans have become the staple in everyone’s wardrobe, so choosing the right belts for your jeans is critical. A medium sized belt is perfect for jeans and it doesn’t have to be just brown or black. Any color and shape under the sun will look fab. Pair it with a nice buttoned down crisp white shirt, or a black turtleneck and a jacket and viola: Girl, you are dressed!

Rule 4: Avoid the Logos
There are tons of designer belts out there, with huge logos on them, but this is a trend that will not do you any justice. You are not a walking advertisement and you should avoid looking like one, unless you are the spokesperson for that company and get big bucks for walking around and flashing huge logos. Capiche?

Happy belting!

Carlos Falhci python belt at Neimann Marcus

Carlos Falhci python belt at Neimann Marcus

Michael Kors chain belt at Neimann Marcus

Michael Kors chain belt at Neimann Marcus


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