Party Dress Shopping and the credit crunch

You ask. We answer.
Party Dress from Urban Outfitters

Party Dress from Urban Outfitters

Shopping for a party dress or outfit at a time of credit crunch, seems like a frivolous & unnecessary activity, especially when many companies have decided not to have a holiday party this year. But don’t you feel all gloomy…The good news is that you can now go shopping in your closet, wear one of the things you own already but differently: with a new pair of shoes, with a piece of jewelry to glam it all up, with a jacket or not…you get the idea. Can’t put it in better context that the article I recently read on line, written by Eric Wilson for the New York Times. Check out the article!

But if you must buy something new for the holidays, be smart check out stores for offers like this UO number only for 38 pounds (!), which can be dressed up with some vintage jewelry than you can borrow from your mom or nana for a party, or can be dressed down with a jacket and simple heels for work. You will have outsmarted the credit crunch!


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