Let it shine. It’s the holidays!

What's hot today

…your personality that is. Let it shine through. A little bling and sparkle will definitely help, so check out these ideas:

Facetted Chrysocolla and Gold Wire Wrapped Ring

Facetted Chrysocolla and Gold Wire Wrapped Ring

WEAR A STATEMENT RING: it doesn’t have to be a big diamond or a massively expensive item, just chic, and pretty. The trick is to wear just one ring. The fewer the jewels the more impact they have. Less is more. (I know that our reader Nicole Ritchie disagrees. Sorry Nicole, but we can’t be doing the boho thing all the time). This chryssocola gold wrapped ring only costs 20 pounds! REALLY!

SPORT A PRETTY HEADBAND: like this one from Accessorize. You can wear something like that at a party or with jeans and a simple top for Sunday brunch. It will jazz up your outfit.

Headband from Accessorize

Headband from Accessorize

Vintage mesh purse

Vintage mesh purse

INVEST IN A VINTAGE PURSE: A! how I love vintage purses. They have this amazing air, beautiful details and look terribly expensive. There are so many steals on line, you can’t miss out. This antique Victorian meshed beauty dates 1890, and it is perfect condition, fully usable for under 40 pounds! If that isn’t a steal then what is?


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