Stocking Fillers

Go shopping. Go personal, Men's exclusive

With the holidays around the corner and everyone talking about the credit crunch, shopping for gifts needs to be done in a smarter way this year. Figure out your budget, and go for unique things that your special one loves but doesn’t buy for him/herself on a regular basis. Some ideas to get you going:

lasenza1anthropologie1 office4

LaSenza Anthropologie Office

For Girls:
– Show me a girl that doesn’t like getting new undies for a present? Sexy or not depends on your mood and the gal you’re shopping for. La Senza has a special offer 12 pounds for 5 knickers. Stocking all full!
– A funky necklace, spices up every top or bare neck and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Check the jewels section at Anthropologie for inspiration. Monsoon has some lovely pieces this season too.
– Sexy heels. Yes, go on and buy her a pair to match her party frock and she’ll dance the night away and think of you. If you get her a lacy pair she’ll be in bliss.

tedbaker1 topman1 harrods1

Ted Baker Topman Harrods

For Boys:
– A new fresh T. No guy can have enough of those. Check out Ted Baker if preppy is your guy’s thing, or All Saints if you want to go down the more rock-n-roll road.
– A hat. I love this trilby by Topman. So cool…
– Something to keep him warm but which also looks amazing. Like these silk lined leather gloves from Harrods. This will just spoil him rotten.

Happy holidays!


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