The 2009 SAG awards: One way road to the ‘Stepford fashion house’

Competitions - Award Shows

68m2 Every time I sit down to see the red carpet of any award show, I am very excited at the possibility that this time it will be different, people will dress more creatively and I will see clothes and styling that will be a pleasant surprise. In the end, I am really disappointed and frustrated that I’ve wasted 2 precious hours watching the boring people in their boring outfits. This year’s SAG awards were no exception. Same dress, after same dress, most floor length, same hair, it felt that we moved to Stepford. What has happened? Where is everyone’s own style? In no man’s land, that’s for sure.
The only girls that were a little different and were a delight in the sea of boring gowns was Katie Holmes, with her cute pixie and Jil Sander fitted dress, Anne Hathaway, as an ancient Greek Goddess, Christina Applegate with her 30s Ungaro in a fantastic turquoise color, and Melissa Leo who was the most glamorous in a frock that was designed from an unknown designer. BRAVO, well done.
We still have the Oscars, so I am optimistic that maybe more actresses will dress the way of Katie, Anne, Christina and Melissa. One can only hope. As for the men? They all looked like penguins in their black tuxes. All except Mickey who looked like he had crashed on a trash truck on his way to the red carpet. Shame Mickey, because back in the 1980s you were seriously cute.

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