Valentines Day gift ideas: if flowers and chocolate are not enough…

You ask. We answer.

Every year around the beginning of February we all start stressing about for Valentines gifts. One truth is that Valentines Day falls very close to the holidays, so we all are short of ideas for smashing gifts. The other truth is that it is women who really like Valentines Day and expect gifts… Men couldn’t care less and would be happy with a card, nice meal, and some naughtiness afterwards. Us women? We want thoughtful gifts, that mean things, blah, blah, blah. To all those poor blokes who want to give something a little special, this piece is for you.

Lingerie: This is the default gift for Valentines Day, and you can never go wrong. Just make sure that you buy the right size. No girl likes to receive knickers that are so small they make her feel like a sausage in bondage, or too big that bring a clothes line to mind. Red is the color of the day, and hot pink is also very sexy.

Jewelry: Diamonds are a girl’s BFF, right? She would like anything from you, even a little piece of junk, as long as it is thoughtful. To add a little special spark in her eye, a heart necklace would be perfect. Check out for ideas.

A staple piece but in color, like this cute trench coat. Not only will she think you are fashion savvy, she will adore a staple piece that makes her whole wardrobe come together. This cutie in his candy pink hue is from OASIS. Yum.


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