Fashion Don’ts: Real Fur


Wearing real fur -coats, collars and all the trimmings- is not only appalling. It is cruel and unfriendly to animals & the environment. Would you ever wear a dead human skin over your expensive designer frock? I don’t think so. Animals on fur farms often spend their entire lives trapped in tiny wire cages waiting to be slaughtered in the worst possible way. For what? For all the phonies who claim to be animal lovers and on macrobiotic vegan diets, but who throw on a fur coat at any chance? PLEASE…

Check out this video featuring Tim Blanks from Project Runway and lets see if you will ever consider sponsoring this hideous fashion fad.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Don’ts: Real Fur

  1. I clicked on that link in your post and found the Tim Gunn video – I really like the way he lays down the facts with making people feel accused. I wrote a post about fur coats also, and I really want people to get the information so they can make educated shopping decisions about fur. So thanks.

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