Men: What to Wear, summer 2009

Men's exclusive

We are well into summer, but still have almost  1.5 good months of summer wear. A pair of shorts and a tee is a uniform that theoretically will get you through the warm summer days or a beach vacation but it is the details that will set you apart from the rest. Check out this list and update your wardrobe accordingly:

Shorts from Urban Outfitters

Shorts from Urban Outfitters

There are different types for different purposes so be clear to the store assistant what type of shorts you need. If you are tall and slim you can wear longer shorts, even under the knee length. If you are not tall, opt for something which stops just above the knee – like the ones featured here. If you have great legs you can wear something shorter. I don’t want to see anything tight, ball hugging or super low-waisted. I will send the Fashion Police to arrest you.

Shirt from Gap

Shirt from Gap

T-shirts / Summer Shirts:
There is a tee and a shirt for everyone out there. If you are in your twenties and thirties you can knock your self out and wear crazy tees of all sorts as these are for your age group. Please avoid anything really offensive, as it is only tacky.

For the 40-early 50s age group, opt for monochromatic designs and polos, which can look really cool if you pair them with a checked shirt sleeved unbuttoned shirt.  If you’re older than 55, a linen and loose white shirt will do miracles. Trust me. You can also pair it with shorts.

Suit from Zara

Suit from Zara

Linen is the King of fabric for summer suits. Dress it up with a smart shirt, tie and loafers, or down with a T-shirt and flip-flops. I suggest summery hues like beige, sand, cool grey and look for a cut that flatters your shape and age. A nice suit is a must for one’s wardrobe, so if you need to pay a little bit extra go for it. If you can’t afford it though choose something classic from places like Zara, pair it with expensive shoes and you’ll look the part.

Happy summer, X


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