How to Dress in every country: etiquette 101

You ask. We answer.
Boots YSL

Boots YSL

We all know that fanny packs are a fashion no-no in all continents and countries, but there are some people out there that insist unfortunately… Also, did you know that wearing a dark suit in a trendy Chelsea ad agency is not the right way to dress if one wants to blend in with the cool crowd? Or, were you aware that a chic dame would wear those YSL boots and gloves together for an afternoon stroll in Paris,  but the same combo would probably be out of place  in a Washington DC meeting full of lobbyists? Dress Etiquette is very important, especially when one is  globe  trotting.

YSL gloves

YSL gloves

I read this fantastic article at about Dress Etiquette, which I would like to share with all of you. The journalists did a fantastic job of writing up what to wear at work, on the street and at a party around the globe. Very useful, and it should be used as a reference every time you plan a trip anywhere. Check it out ASAP! If you don’t, don’t be surprised when you show up in a party in Greece wearing the wrong thing and getting surprised looks. You were warned 🙂


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